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Before you know it, Expo 2015 will be history.
You will have participated in an event with a long and important legacy.

Expo 2015 is an event that students and historians will be studying in the future. Like past expositions, its anniversaries will be celebrated and spur conversations about our era and our contributions to history. What may seem commonplace or unimportant to us now might be profound to those in the future.

Today is the best time to start shaping that legacy.


We’re collecting a variety of common, everyday items used during Expo 2015. These items will be shared online to demonstrate Expo 2015’s legacy as well as stored for posterity at the Donald G. Larson Collection on International Expositions and Fairs at the California State University in Fresno, California, USA. We need your help in saving these artifacts.

We ask that you also fill out a postcard to accompany the item to help identify it and its significance , place it in an appropriately sized envelope, and leave it in the bin or email us for collection. Imagine how you would describe the item to someone celebrating Expo 2015’s 100th anniversary in 2115. Have a photo of the item in context, such as being used? Share it online using the hashtag #Expo2015plus100.

Here are just a few examples of the types of items we’re thinking of collecting: temporary documents, handwritten notes, branded items, leftover “pieces,” brochures, magazines with Expo 2015 articles, expo clothing, ceremonial items, food and drink packaging (cleaned), printed photographs, construction gear (such as branded hard hats), unused signage, unique souvenirs, event tickets, and event programs.

Do not feel limited to these items, however. Items in any language are appreciated. Let’s tell our story. We're saving both artifacts and memories.

If you have an item that requires handing over in person, contact us at info@2015plus100.org.


Now.... but also 2040, 2065, 2115, and beyond!

The past is prologue. We've already seen one-hundredth annniversary celebrations of past international expositions. This year, in fact, San Franciscans are celebrating the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition with all kinds of events. In recent years, we've seen 50th anniversary celebrations in Seattle (USA) and 25th anniversary celebrations in Knoxville (USA) and Vancouver (Canada).

We're collecting items to share with the future. While we're specifically looking to tell our story to the generations alive in 2115, we know we'll be wanting to celebrate this time in our lives when we're 25 and 50 years older.

This is also a great opportunity to reflect on what it means to be in the year 2015. What are we proud of? What do we hope for the future? What do we want to tell our grandchildren and great-grandchildren about who we were and what we value?


Drop by Casa Corriere on Friday, the 10th of July after 6 pm to see how we’re making sure Expo 2015’s memory is preserved for the future and how you can be part of it! We’ll be distributing packets and collecting items and stories until 11 pm.


There are multiple ways you can share your item and story with 2115... as well as 2015.

To share your item, place it in one of our provided envelopes along with its accompanying card. The card is your opportunity to not only identify the item, but also tell your story about the item. Where did you find it? What was it used for? What was your experience while using the item or when finding the item. Think about what you'd want to tell someone in the year 2115 about the item and your experience. What might seem commonplace or trivial now may be of great importance to people generations from now. Imagine what you'd ask people in 1915.

We also invite you to photograph and share your item and story online using the hashtag #Expo2015plus100.

If you have an item that you want to hand over in person or have a question, contact us at info@2015plus100.org.